WPBF gratefully accepts contributions large and small. Gifts of stocks and bonds are also welcome. All donations are tax deductible.

Support WPBF’s Work to Continue Beautifying Our City

There are many ways you can contribute. A donation to our Adopt-a-Park sponsorship program directly funds the planting and maintenance of White Plains’ many gardens and parklets. Please join many businesses, foundations and individuals in sponsoring the development and care of a garden. There are six levels of participation starting at $250.

You may honor loved ones or those no longer with us with a donation to Adopt-a-Park to sponsor a named park or contribute to a park for a smaller donation. You may also designate that your donation go to the Dazzle with Daffodils fund. Please indicate that when you make your donation. We are happy to send an acknowledgment card to you and to an individual of your choice for any donation of $10 or more.

You may also contribute by attending our annual gala, one of  our major fund raisers, by buying space in the Gala Journal and by donating gifts for a raffle and silent auction. Scroll to the bottom of this page to complete all transactions online.

To pay by check, follow the instructions below, print and fill out the form including all pertinent information. To make a donation by credit card or PayPal, click on the donate button below and enter the total amount of your donation. Either log into PayPal or enter your credit card information. When you get to the “Review your donation” page, click on “Note if Gala/AAP/In Honor or Memory of” and include in the box all the pertinent information: If in honor or in memory of, your name, the honoree’s name and all mailing addresses. If for the Gala, please provide the pertinent information about what you are purchasing and your contact information. To contribute to our capital fund for the street clock, follow the same instructions and indicate “clock” in the information box.

Low Administrative Costs

We take pride in our ability to hold administrative costs to six percent of total expenditures because we are all volunteers. All Adopt-a-Park donations go directly to planting and maintaining WPBF’s gardens. Other donations help fund watering the gardens, capital projects and programs.


Send a check

If you would like to make a contribution to White Plains Beautification Foundation by sending a check, please go here.


To use a credit card or PayPal, click on the Donate button below. Enter the total amount of your transaction, and either log into PayPal or enter your credit card information. When you get to the “Review your donation” page, click on “Note if Gala/AAP/In Honor or Memory of, etc.” and include in the box all pertinent information required for the type of donation or transaction you are making:

  • Gala (various)
  • In Memory of (no minimum)
  • In Honor of (no minimum)
  • Adopt-a-Park ($250 minimum)
  • Arbor Day Tree (approximately $300)
  • General Donation (no minimum)
  • Capital Projects Fund (no minimum)
  • Dazzle with Daffodils (no minimum)

Donations were made 5/1/14 – 5/6/15 in honor of these individuals:

  • Bobby Barnes
  • Donn DiBartolo
  • Alicia Hubbard
  • Elizabeth & Bill Hughes
  • Hon. Pauline Oliva
  • Syd Silverman
  • Charlotte Szabo & Roland Barnes
  • The Vroomans
  • Beth & Brian Wallach
  • Nicholas & Aline Wolff

Donations were made in 5/1/14 – 5/6/15 in memory of these individuals:

  • Ann Altamuro
  • Richard B. Ayers
  • Jean Bartus
  • William Bookman
  • Thomas C. Broderick
  • Tom Burke
  • Charles Chervinsky
  • Catherine Sheldon Dagher
  • Raymond M. Davis
  • Margery A. Devine
  • Tom Devine
  • Yvonne Farr
  • Connie Fabriozzio
  • Catherine McNally Holland
  • John Kacandes
  • Dr. Samuel Kessler
  • Donald Landis
  • David Leinwand
  • Sandra Chervinsky Levenson
  • Audrey Markovitz
  • Berry Farinas McNally
  • Marion Murphy
  • Geneva Parker
  • Robert Pollack
  • Mrs. Pierre Poux (Rita)
  • Noreen Preston
  • Captain George D. Rooks
  • Mrs. Henry Ross (Louise)
  • John Saccardi
  • Julie G. Schatena
  • Daniel Schildwachter, Jr.
  • Sy Schulman
  • Jan McNally Silverman
  • Helga O’Gorman Strowbridge
  • Hope & George Szabo
  • Patricia L. Terhune
  • Virginia McNally Whitehead
  • Donald Wilson

We have made every attempt to ensure all donors are listed accurately. We apologize for any errors or exclusions. Please notify us of any errors at 914-761-1391 or info@wpbf.org.